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Goji Berry Whole 枸杞 454g

Goji Berry Whole 枸杞 454g

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  • Botanical Name: Lycium barbarium

    Lycium is a native Chinese deciduous shrub with bright red berries. The dried berries and root bark are used to make medicine.

    Lycium is used for diabetes, high blood pressure, poor circulation, fever, malaria, and cancer.

    It’s also used for erectile dysfunction (ED), dizziness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus); and to reduce fever, sweating, irritability, thirst, nosebleeds, cough, and wheezing.

    Some people use lycium as an eye tonic for blurred vision, for macular degeneration, and for other eye disorders. Lycium is also used to strengthen muscles and bone, and as a blood, liver, and kidney tonic.

    In foods, the berries are eaten raw or used in cooking.

    Lycium contains chemicals that might help lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

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