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Fructus Persica Compound 润肠丸 (CONSTIPATION RELIEF)

Fructus Persica Compound 润肠丸 (CONSTIPATION RELIEF)

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NPN: 80006130

200 Pills

Also known as "Run Chang Wan


Traditional Chinese Medicine used for constipation, especially for constipation due to ‘excess heat’ syndrome such as: dry stool, furry tongue (reddish yellow coating), yellowish urine, abdominal distention, and strong & rapid pulse.


Medicinal Ingredients:

Angelica Sinensis (Chinese Angelica Root)…53.59mg

Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed) (Fruit) (Extractive rate 3.11:1, 107.18mg dried equivalent)…34.41mg

Notoptergium Incisum (Root) (Extractive rate 3.11:1, 53.59mg dried equivalent)…17.21mg

Prunus Persica (Peach Kernal) (Seed) (Extractive rate 3.11:1, 107.18mg dried equivalent)…34.42mg

Rheum Palmatum (Rhubarb Root and Rhizome) (Extractive rate 1.51:1, 53.59mg dried equivalent)…35.40mg


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Talc Powder…4.90mg

Insect Wax…0.10mg


Recommended Dose:

Orally, 4 Pills, 3 times daily.



Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Not suitable for people with weak immune system and those suffering from cold-deficiency. “Cold-Deficiency” is manifested by symptoms such as intolerance (extreme sensitivity) to cold temperature, stomach (abdominal) pain that can be relieved by heat (such as heat pad), slow & weak pulse, clear urine, and pale greasy tongue, copious whitish & thin vaginal discharge. Please consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner before use. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist. Keep out of reach from children.

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